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Should You Have Answers?

Do you think its important for you to have answers? If you said yes, then I want to congratulate you on your future knowledge of how things work in this life. If you are the kind of person that likes to have answers to absolutely everything then that kind of desire will help you learn things and from that you will gain knowledge that will put you on on top of this world and you’ll be able to control absolutely everything that is built in your human capabilities. However if you are the kind of person who says that I don’t care about answers in life, I don’t care why I live, or where I’m going after this life then there must be some kind of confusion in your heart about why you think that’s not important. Unfortunately the lack of knowledge about your purpose in this life and the after life will try to bring tragedy into your life because you simply won’t know how things work and what is the purpose of things.

Today I just want to encourage you that having answers is essential for your success in this life and the “next.”

If you are going to tell me that satan doesn’t exist then what is the source of the bad things in this world? If Heaven doesn’t exist then what is the source of good things in this world? Its clear that sometimes you have to think deeply about the way things work in this life in order to gain answers of true facts. If we can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We can’t see gravity even though it exists.

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What is Behind This Life?

I don’t know if you ever thought about this question or not, but just to give a little push to the neurons in our brain so that they can fire more often lets think. What do you think happens after this life on Earth? Is there a particular purpose that a human should live by to be in a “good” place after death? Or does it matter at all?  Does heaven exist? Does hell exist? 

Many questions like these bother people and some know the answers some don’t. Some don’t care. 

But I’m sure that if you are a person who is mature enough and well grounded up then you understand that there SHOULD be something after this life. I think its an obvious fact that good things come from heaven and bad things come from hell. If someone will tell me that there is hell then I’m sure you won’t mind me asking what is the source of all the bad things that happen in this world? Same thing with question of heaven, if there is no heaven then where do the good things come from? 

A wise person will be mature enough to understand that everything, and I mean everything has a SOURCE. That’s why there is a cause and effect law. 

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Personal Development Tip

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3 Goals For You Today

Goal # 1. 

Building Your Own Identity

And I don’t mean going to the driver’s licensing department to get your driver’s license. Building your OWN identity is something way deeper than that. Many people today don’t yet know what exactly it means to build yourself to become who you sometimes aspire to. When you get up every morning what do you see yourself as? Or maybe you’re so busy with life and work and everything else that you don’t have time to think about who you are on this planet and why you are here. Its okay.I’m sometimes the same way as many of us are. This life cycle is so filled that it at times distracts us from thinking about what we NEED to think about. Let’s just stop for a second and think deep inside your heart. Have you ever dreamed or wished to become someone who is carrying one’s self in a very powerful way? Have you thought about being a life changer? Have you ever thought about making a difference? It is never too late to start building your true identity. In order to start building your identity you need to make all of your life’s worries fade away for just a few minutes. Think about why you were born in this world. You were born to be taken care of. I hope your mother can prove that since she was taking care of you when you were little. After you grew up as an adult you were never meant to just go along with the rest of the flow of this life without meaning. You were meant to be a true warrior of righteousness. Its not just “biblical” word its a straight out factor that makes sense. You were born to learn how things work in this life. You were born to understand that things that are unseen and untouched are the most powerful things in this multi-dimensional spiritual world and if you are aware of these unseen elements you can use them in a positive way to make a difference first in your life, then in someone else’s. You were born into the business life cycle because the law of survival will always be active on this planet, as long as humans are alive. You were born to be on top of the business world with multi-dimensional knowledge of its success and system.

These were just a few thoughts that you might want to consider forming yourself with to start building your identity. I encourage you to be a true warrior of righteousness. Build your own self to be the best for two purposes: Taking care of your family, and forming others to be just like you; a powerful warrior of righteousness. Wouldn’t a world be a better place? Start forming yourself today and find out that you can do things you never thought you could have.

Goal # 2.

Building Your Family

Now that you’ve had just a little glimpse into the world of building your own identity, I think its time to bring that positive development into your family. Family is the most closest element to our heart in this life. We care about no one as much as our family. To give you just a little tip on how to have a successful family is simply love them. When you love your wife and your children everything else most of the time takes care of itself and is happening naturally. But just in case life pushes down hard on us and tries to distract us from our family here are a few tips to consider.

Tip 1.  Spend time with your family. Try to balance your schedule so that you in your heart would feel that you and your family are communicating well enough. If you feel that distance between your wife or your kids I think its time to change your schedule up a bit. Change your priorities if you have to but never have a lack of family time. It is crucial.

Tip 2. Be committed to your family. And I mean in all areas. By spending enough time with your family you will be able to train your kids from very little age to later become very wise people on this planet. Teach them words that make sense; words of clean understanding. Share different activities with your children as well as your wife. Go out together on a nice weekend getaway if you have a chance and tell each other once again how really much you love them. Sometimes one moment can be remembered for the rest of one’s life because of how blessed it was. That moment of your true loving expressions can be remembered by your wife for the rest of her life, as well as your children. Be committed to your family by providing for them by making yourself successful in the business world. If you need to understand it more to be successful in it then dedicate enough time to learn it. Make sure that anything you put your mind into, gets done successfully.

Tip 3. Set goals with your family. Get together and set goals with your family about what needs to be changed. First make a list of positive things that you see in your family. Then make a list of changes need to be made. Draw out step line on how to reach a certain level of family success. Be open with your wife because she sometimes can help you in things you won’t be able to do yourself. Make a goal to have the best family ever existed on Earth. Influence your children and wife to be making a positive difference in someone’s life.

Goal # 3. 

Building Your Business

After you formed yourself to be the best in your true identity you then learned how to form your family life to be powerful as well. After you learned how to form your family life to be healthy and powerful its time to dig into a source that actually takes care of your family. Business. What is business? I’m not asking the definition of word business just the meaning of it. What does business mean to you? Do you understand the life cycle and why there is such a thing as business? There is an element that I call “Law of Survival.” In order for every human to survive and live in this life one has to provide some kind of service or benefit to another human being in order to get pieces of paper called money. Who ever has money can get things. Who ever does not, can not. Sounds fair to me. This life cycle was created so that there would be fairness in this world. Imagine a world of needy humans trying to get everything for themselves unearned. I simply can not. Now enough about the meaning of law of survival. Lets actually talk about business. Have you ever dreamed or wished to be operating your own business or to be an investor? If not then you probably have very low limitations to your life and your family’s life. If you are in the process of building your goal in business by working for an hourly rate ( to save some money maybe) there is nothing wrong with that. That’s the first step anyway. You’re on the right track. But if you want to work for someone for the rest of your life then your limitations are very low and I personally would never achieve things that I can by working for someone else for the rest of my life. You have to understand that becoming a business person takes away all your fear which is a poison for your inner spirit. It isn’t easy to become a business person or an investor. There’s a lot of risk and fear involved that might try to get you. But if you really want to overcome the greatest poison in life called fear then start making plans for owning a little business. Provide some kind of service that benefits other people. Market yourself and your company, build your own client base. Not only you will create jobs but also you will take care of your family on much higher level then they are at now. One other feeling that drives me to own my own business is simply because I love the feeling of success. You have to learn how to remember that owning a business is crucial for overcoming fear, taking care of your family and influencing your success to other people who will learn from you and become successful as well.

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Importance of Personal Development

Positive Development Tip 1

How important is it to develop yourself? Well… Let’s put it this way. There are two sides where you can develop yourself. One is called a Negative Development the other is Positive Development.  In order to make progress you first have to choose which side do you want to be on? Some people choose to be on a Negative Development side of town. They have heard how good it feels to use cocaine and they found it in their desire to try it out and feel what someone else feels using it.  They’ve heard how great of an opportunity they have to steal some money from someone. They’ve heard that stealing identity has become a very profitable business.  Before entering into any one of these systems someone forgot to figure out where it is going to lead them.  Which side of development do you think they’ll enter? Negative of course.  A side that ruins their lives in those systematic circumstances they’ve got themselves into.  Forgetting that even the law speaks of itself and pushes you to stay on the Positive side of development.  However, some people choose to be on a positive side of development. They too are entering  into systematic circumstances only the difference is that this system will bring them success in the Field of Goodness. What is contained in the field of goodness? Successful faith, successful family, successful business; and a lot more than that. I just stated the most important major elements of goodness.  Today I want to help you transfer yourself into Positive Development, and stay there. You know why? Because you deserve to be happy. Simple as that.

The first step that I’d like you to focus on before you start making any kind of decisions is What is important to you?  I’m going to tell you the order of importance that I personally have in my mind. Faith, family, Business. That’s the order that I live by.

FAITH. In order to make right decisions you have to have at least some kind of faith into something that is good. If you are going to tell me that you don’t believe in God, that is your choice, but in order to succeed you have to have faith in something that is good. Do you have faith? I’m sure you do even if you say you don’t because if you don’t what exactly drives you to be successful at your workplace? When things get tough aren’t you motivating yourself to success? Aren’t you having faith in the fact that everything will work out alright? Some people have faith while saying that they don’t which sounds ridiculous to me.  Having faith is essential for success in your emotional and physical development.

FAMILY. Now when it comes to family I’m sure that every normal person will agree that family is the most important and most close factor to your heart on this planet. When I go to work, I personally always think about my family. Most of the time the workplace obviously gets you distracted but mainly every morning I remember who I’m doing this for; my Family. Knowing that your wife and child depend on you to make money is one of the best motivational thoughts I have. Its a strong drive for me. Also having the right purpose for your family is also another factor of positive development.  What is your purpose of your child? What is your purpose of your family? To be honest with you I don’t think that someone can have a great future for the kid if one is immature on its own.  In order to have a mature and emotionally healthy life for your child you have to be rich in spirit yourself to be able to teach your child everything YOU know. But if you don’t have any deep knowledge of how things work on your own then whats in it for your child? That is why our child’s life completely depends on us. I personally can’t explain the feelings I had when I first saw my baby through the ultrasound. Knowing who I am in this life and who I formed myself to be I started picturing my son in future being just like me. Those are the most wonderful and deepest feelings a father can feel about their child that wasn’t even born yet.  But it doesn’t matter if it wasn’t born yet, the only thing that matters is that you already planned a future for your child to mentor him/her and train to become the most powerful person in the world who will be able to do anything in this world; just like the parent.  My wife will always be the only person I’ll love and be faithful to the fullest for the rest of my life. She means everything to me along with my child.  Having a true love toward your family is a very powerful drive for positive development.  Its one of the energies that make you successful. Even in the business world.

BUSINESS. Now we all know that money is the most important factor when it comes to earthly things. Some people say that money can’t buy you happiness ( and I do understand where you’re coming from. You are right.) But in the other real world money CAN buy you happiness. Why? Because money buys things that you as a human being need that actually make you happy and things that ease your life. Simple as that. The only things that money can not buy are the things that are unseen and untouched (which of course are the most powerful things in spiritual world) but when it comes to things that are seen and touched, it can only be bought with money. That is why it is essential to understand that money IS important and always will be. Why? Because the Source that created the life cycle on this planet made life system this way to bring fairness and law of survivor in this world. I’m sorry if I got you a little bit confused there with law of survivor factor. I will explain what “law of survivor” is later in my future blogs. Imagine life without money being a value. I personally can’t. Why? Because every human being has needs of the elements that are also being created from other elements in this world. Like products that we eat and drinks that keep our life going. Homes that keep us warm. All of these things are created by humans because they get wisdom from the Source. ( I’ll talk about “The Source” in future blogs”.)  These products are being created so that a person would use it and be able to actually live and survive that way. But since there are millions of people in the world imagine a world without fairness. Every human would try to take products for its own survivor. That is why a factor such as “money” is being made so that whoever has money can buy products. But in order to buy products you have to have money and in order to make money you need to provide a beneficial service or fulfill the need for another human being. Get the idea? So there is no way around a factor such as business. There are probably not enough words to describe the importance of success in business. But if you drive yourself with right thoughts that lead you to it step by step you will be successful in business in no time. I will write more blogs about business and steps to succeed in it in near future.

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