Importance of Personal Development

15 Apr

Positive Development Tip 1

How important is it to develop yourself? Well… Let’s put it this way. There are two sides where you can develop yourself. One is called a Negative Development the other is Positive Development.  In order to make progress you first have to choose which side do you want to be on? Some people choose to be on a Negative Development side of town. They have heard how good it feels to use cocaine and they found it in their desire to try it out and feel what someone else feels using it.  They’ve heard how great of an opportunity they have to steal some money from someone. They’ve heard that stealing identity has become a very profitable business.  Before entering into any one of these systems someone forgot to figure out where it is going to lead them.  Which side of development do you think they’ll enter? Negative of course.  A side that ruins their lives in those systematic circumstances they’ve got themselves into.  Forgetting that even the law speaks of itself and pushes you to stay on the Positive side of development.  However, some people choose to be on a positive side of development. They too are entering  into systematic circumstances only the difference is that this system will bring them success in the Field of Goodness. What is contained in the field of goodness? Successful faith, successful family, successful business; and a lot more than that. I just stated the most important major elements of goodness.  Today I want to help you transfer yourself into Positive Development, and stay there. You know why? Because you deserve to be happy. Simple as that.

The first step that I’d like you to focus on before you start making any kind of decisions is What is important to you?  I’m going to tell you the order of importance that I personally have in my mind. Faith, family, Business. That’s the order that I live by.

FAITH. In order to make right decisions you have to have at least some kind of faith into something that is good. If you are going to tell me that you don’t believe in God, that is your choice, but in order to succeed you have to have faith in something that is good. Do you have faith? I’m sure you do even if you say you don’t because if you don’t what exactly drives you to be successful at your workplace? When things get tough aren’t you motivating yourself to success? Aren’t you having faith in the fact that everything will work out alright? Some people have faith while saying that they don’t which sounds ridiculous to me.  Having faith is essential for success in your emotional and physical development.

FAMILY. Now when it comes to family I’m sure that every normal person will agree that family is the most important and most close factor to your heart on this planet. When I go to work, I personally always think about my family. Most of the time the workplace obviously gets you distracted but mainly every morning I remember who I’m doing this for; my Family. Knowing that your wife and child depend on you to make money is one of the best motivational thoughts I have. Its a strong drive for me. Also having the right purpose for your family is also another factor of positive development.  What is your purpose of your child? What is your purpose of your family? To be honest with you I don’t think that someone can have a great future for the kid if one is immature on its own.  In order to have a mature and emotionally healthy life for your child you have to be rich in spirit yourself to be able to teach your child everything YOU know. But if you don’t have any deep knowledge of how things work on your own then whats in it for your child? That is why our child’s life completely depends on us. I personally can’t explain the feelings I had when I first saw my baby through the ultrasound. Knowing who I am in this life and who I formed myself to be I started picturing my son in future being just like me. Those are the most wonderful and deepest feelings a father can feel about their child that wasn’t even born yet.  But it doesn’t matter if it wasn’t born yet, the only thing that matters is that you already planned a future for your child to mentor him/her and train to become the most powerful person in the world who will be able to do anything in this world; just like the parent.  My wife will always be the only person I’ll love and be faithful to the fullest for the rest of my life. She means everything to me along with my child.  Having a true love toward your family is a very powerful drive for positive development.  Its one of the energies that make you successful. Even in the business world.

BUSINESS. Now we all know that money is the most important factor when it comes to earthly things. Some people say that money can’t buy you happiness ( and I do understand where you’re coming from. You are right.) But in the other real world money CAN buy you happiness. Why? Because money buys things that you as a human being need that actually make you happy and things that ease your life. Simple as that. The only things that money can not buy are the things that are unseen and untouched (which of course are the most powerful things in spiritual world) but when it comes to things that are seen and touched, it can only be bought with money. That is why it is essential to understand that money IS important and always will be. Why? Because the Source that created the life cycle on this planet made life system this way to bring fairness and law of survivor in this world. I’m sorry if I got you a little bit confused there with law of survivor factor. I will explain what “law of survivor” is later in my future blogs. Imagine life without money being a value. I personally can’t. Why? Because every human being has needs of the elements that are also being created from other elements in this world. Like products that we eat and drinks that keep our life going. Homes that keep us warm. All of these things are created by humans because they get wisdom from the Source. ( I’ll talk about “The Source” in future blogs”.)  These products are being created so that a person would use it and be able to actually live and survive that way. But since there are millions of people in the world imagine a world without fairness. Every human would try to take products for its own survivor. That is why a factor such as “money” is being made so that whoever has money can buy products. But in order to buy products you have to have money and in order to make money you need to provide a beneficial service or fulfill the need for another human being. Get the idea? So there is no way around a factor such as business. There are probably not enough words to describe the importance of success in business. But if you drive yourself with right thoughts that lead you to it step by step you will be successful in business in no time. I will write more blogs about business and steps to succeed in it in near future.

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