Happy Birthday Chris

Chris Brown makes goofy faces for the camera while girlfriend Karreuche Tran cracks up as they head out of Las Palmas on Friday night (May 4) in Hollywood.

The 23-year-old entertainer celebrated his birthday on Saturday — Happy birthday, Chris!!

Chris‘ former girlfriend Rihanna sent him a birthday wish via Twitter! “Happy Birthday @chrisbrown,” she wrote.

Chris‘ movie, Think Like A Man, has been dominating the box office for the past few weeks. The romantic comedy follows four friends who conspire to turn the tables on their women when they discover the ladies have been using Steve Harvey‘s relationship advice against them.

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Anyway, happy Birthday to Chris Brown and good luck to all of you guys.

Today I realized few things when making couple observations in my mind about how easy it is to give up in this life and not want to do anything. Sometimes I feel like there is no point in anything. But then I engaged myself into inner strength knowing what I live for, who I live for and why I’m here. In order to continue being successful in our daily lives we have to understand how crucial it is to engage our mind forcefully into success. Otherwise fear will beat us.

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Rapid Results

If you want to be successful, do not miss out.


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Should You Have Answers?

Do you think its important for you to have answers? If you said yes, then I want to congratulate you on your future knowledge of how things work in this life. If you are the kind of person that likes to have answers to absolutely everything then that kind of desire will help you learn things and from that you will gain knowledge that will put you on on top of this world and you’ll be able to control absolutely everything that is built in your human capabilities. However if you are the kind of person who says that I don’t care about answers in life, I don’t care why I live, or where I’m going after this life then there must be some kind of confusion in your heart about why you think that’s not important. Unfortunately the lack of knowledge about your purpose in this life and the after life will try to bring tragedy into your life because you simply won’t know how things work and what is the purpose of things.

Today I just want to encourage you that having answers is essential for your success in this life and the “next.”

If you are going to tell me that satan doesn’t exist then what is the source of the bad things in this world? If Heaven doesn’t exist then what is the source of good things in this world? Its clear that sometimes you have to think deeply about the way things work in this life in order to gain answers of true facts. If we can’t see it, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We can’t see gravity even though it exists.

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What is Behind This Life?

I don’t know if you ever thought about this question or not, but just to give a little push to the neurons in our brain so that they can fire more often lets think. What do you think happens after this life on Earth? Is there a particular purpose that a human should live by to be in a “good” place after death? Or does it matter at all?  Does heaven exist? Does hell exist? 

Many questions like these bother people and some know the answers some don’t. Some don’t care. 

But I’m sure that if you are a person who is mature enough and well grounded up then you understand that there SHOULD be something after this life. I think its an obvious fact that good things come from heaven and bad things come from hell. If someone will tell me that there is hell then I’m sure you won’t mind me asking what is the source of all the bad things that happen in this world? Same thing with question of heaven, if there is no heaven then where do the good things come from? 

A wise person will be mature enough to understand that everything, and I mean everything has a SOURCE. That’s why there is a cause and effect law. 

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What Engages YOU into Success?

This is the question I wanted to ask you guys. What engages YOU into success in YOUR life?

Through out your day, at most common circumstances what do you drive yourself with? What motivates you to be successful in life?  I want to hear your response on this.  Share with me what is that one thing or things that drive your mind to be successful at the things that you do?

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Living for the Right Purpose

“The biggest threat to our well-being is the absence of moral clarity and purpose.” – Rich Sherman

What is your purpose of life? Some people have figured out their purpose, some haven’t. Today I not only want to tell you how to figure out your purpose of your life but also to let you know about the right purpose that every human should live by. In order to live for the right purpose you have to find lots of answers in life about the way things work and what is the purpose for certain things. To make a long story short I just want to tell you that I’m here to help you just like I help myself each day to live up to your unlimited potential and influence the world with the power you have in you that you don’t know about.

Many people today wonder what it feels like living for the right purpose.  Some people don’t even believe that there should be a purpose. Some found their purpose but they’re not sure whether its the right one or not.  Remember in my previous posts how I talked about Energy of Goodness and Energy of Evil? Well… One of the fundamentals that you should base your purpose on is on the Energy of Goodness. What ever is related to that energy inside of you brings fulfilling and powerful results that automatically fulfills your purpose.  One of the things that I think humanity should live for in order to complete its designed purpose is to have a relationship with the Energy of Goodness. What does that mean? It means you should be filled with the kind of energy that brings only good things to yourself and others around you. By having a personal relationship with the Energy of Goodness you will benefit not only yourself but everyone.  Not only you will live for the right purpose but you will also bring down and kill the Energy of Evil which is the source of all the idiotic things that are happening in this world that bring devastation to humanity.

One of the drives that you should fill yourself with is longing for success in business. Why do you think people like Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, and Donald Trump, etc… became successful? Because each and every one of them was driving their minds to financial success by providing some kind of benefit to other people. They learned how business works and they were not afraid to express themselves in the services that they have provided to people. When you will learn how to be successful step by step you will reach your goal and full fill your purpose by completing one of the elements in the “right purpose” – Being successful.

Thats what the Energy of Goodness wants for you. It wants you to be successful in all good things that benefit yourself and others around you.  Life is filled with motions that we humans make; but are those motions based on good, or bad? What kind of energy do you have inside of you? What kind of spirit moves you? Today I encourage you to make sure that your motions and your movements have a purpose that serves good things to you and everyone around you.

You were born to live with the most powerful purpose in the existence. You were born to be filled with the Energy of Goodness that changes your life in and out and brings success into every area of your life. It automatically blesses your family and your business and all of your motions and movements. The question is: are you focused on it? Do you want it? Or maybe you want to live life in a very meaningless way that has no direction. This kind of lifestyle would prove that you as a human being have no choice over your life but the force of Energy of Evil directs you to destruction. But you have been created with a large and I should say unlimited capacity of choice and power with which you can fully control your life and even control other lives through your inspirational moves.  So be focused on having that inner relationship with the energy of Goodness that will give you power to overcome any challenges and make you a winner in your family, business, and overall purpose of your life.

If you want another good insight for possibly your circumstance right now, click here

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Psychology of Success

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